Accommodation Policy

Both students and professors raise a large number of queries about the accommodation in our city and the complementary offer of student housing in flats and homestay accommodation. For this reason, the university recognises the need to provide some guidelines and conditions in order to advise students or professors.

Article 1: The conditions for foreign student and professor accommodation in flats or homestay accommodation suggested by the Department of University International Relations (URIU) are set out below.

Article 2: According to the availability of facilities, each guest will be a private individual room, or else this will be previously arranged between the offered prospective guests.

Article 3: The following services must be available: 1) Telephone; 2) Heating and cooling; 3) Internet services; 4) Health and safety conditions in the house or building.

Article 4: The residence (flat or house) must provide good lighting and ventilation.

Article 5: Furnished flats or houses will take higher priority for rental opportunities, including the following facilities, without exception: cooker, refrigerator, washing machine, bed and mattress, desk, cupboards, cleaning supplies and dishware. The furniture must be in optimum condition.

Article 6: The rent must include services and maintenance expenses, except taxes.

Article 7: The landowner or the person in charge of the property must be the contact person and the person who must take charge in case of inconvenience, responding to queries and concerns lodged by the tenant.

Article 8: Universidad Nacional de La Plata, through the Department of University International Relations (URIU) will provide guidance or advice, but shall not be responsible for any inconvenience or breach of contract by either of the contracting parties.


School of Economic Sciences: Guidelines for First Year Students

The purpose of these guidelines is to support students' initial steps into our School. Here you will find information about a number of basic issues related to academic resources and your personal welfare.

Getting to know the School of Economic Sciences (FCE).

Here below you will find a brief description of the locations and facilities on each floor of the School.

  • Second Basement: Photocopying Centre
  • First Basement: Library, Cafeteria, Group Reading Room, IT Department
  • Ground Floor: administrative offices, Students' Service Department and Students' Union Office.
  • Mezzanine Level: Classrooms, Professors Training Rooms and Professors' Room
  • First Floor: Classrooms, Main Auditorium and toilets
  • Second Floor: Classrooms and toilets
  • Third Floor: Classrooms, administrative offices, Graduate Centre and toilets
  • Fourth Floor: Degree Courses Departments (Administration, Accounting, Economics and Tourism)
  • Fifth Floor: Deanery and Academic Research Institutes

Using the Library

 The Library of the School of Economic Sciences (FCE) aims at offering the university community access to materials in the most effective and efficient manner. The new Library location has been designed to offer the best facilities for study activities, consulting scholarly literature, and for group study. For more information, please visit the Library's website.

Using the IT Rooms

 The FCE has its own IT Department which includes two classrooms with IT equipment. These are used by professors for lectures, and by students for course assignments. The IT Rooms timetable is published at the beginning of the academic year.

What to do in case of trouble

 If you should experience health issues, feel unwell, or identify a situation that may require help from others, let your teacher know. If this happens to you while you are at university but not in class, go to the Students' Department on the ground floor -it is open from Mondays to Fridays until 18:30 -. After that time or on Saturdays, go to the Professors' Room on the mezzanine. You may also contact university ushers, who are generally in the corridors, or else, go to the Students' Union Office on the ground floor.

Students' Union

At the Student's Union of the School of Economic Sciences (CECE) you may obtain printed materials, syllabi and literature for your courses, as well as find information about training courses; you may also purchase long-distance bus tickets, and be informed not only about the subjects that you are taking, but also about the study programmes of all degree courses. For more information contact this office at 425-5707 from 9 am to 7 pm, or by email at .

Regarding Health Services, Vocational Guidance, Sports Practice, Free Legal Counselling Services, Accommodation, Scholarships, Benefits, University Canteen and University Olympics, you can find more information on the students' section, where you will find all the information and guidance to obtain these benefits.



Telephone: 4236769 /71/72 int 115
Office: 5th Floor | 517.
School of Economic Sciences | Universidad Nacional de La Plata