The College of Economics, which was officially established into the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences of Universidad Nacional de La Plata on July 2, 1948, is the most direct predecessor of the present School of Economic Sciences of Universidad Nacional de La Plata.

It was in this institution where the theory and expertise gradually consolidated, until on December 17, 1953, it was transformed into the School of Economic Sciences by a decree of the Executive:

“The creation of the (…) School, on the basis of the present College of Economics, satisfies some of the legitimate interests of the formal education in this field for the degree studies. Accordingly, the training of technicians in the various disciplines that contribute to the study and development of the economy deserves the utmost attention (…) given that the strengthening of the Economic Independence requires the patriotic and intelligent contribution of skilled and well-trained teams who help to increase the nation’s wealth, according to the ideals of social justice and serving the interests of the Argentinian People.”

From then on, the School of Economic Sciences has had 28 deans, being Mr. Luis Bernabé Cos Cardozo the first of them.



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