The School of Economic Sciences of Universidad Nacional de La Plata was created on December 17, 1953. Since then, and thanks to the contribution of professors, teachers, students and graduate students, the institution has transformed into a major organisation for the academic, scientific and professional development of our nation.
The School of Economic Sciences was inspired by the principles of the University Reform, on the basis of an open, public, secular, free of charge, autonomous and democratically co-governed national university. All the degree, undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered by the School, as well as the many research and   university extension projects are the preferred means for creating, preserving, transmitting and transferring knowledge, aiming at the construction of a more just and equitable society.



Telephone: 4236769 /71/72 int 139
Office: 2nd Floor | 214.
School of Economic Sciences | Universidad Nacional de La Plata


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