The Extension area seeks to strengthen the links with the community; the area employs the scholarly expertise gathered by the University and the capacities of its professors and researchers in order to develop, adapt and apply this expertise to positive contributions to the community. The Extension area targets society in general, socially deprived and marginalised sectors, companies, the public sector, NGOs and the university community itself, having professors, students, graduates and non-academic staff as the executors.

The Statute of UNLP establishes in its preamble: "The University Extension area shall be the means of UNLP for serving its social function, contributing to address community welfare issues, reconstruct the social fabric and the sustainable economic development as well as strengthening the cultural identity."

The Secretary of Extension of this higher education institution is committed to enforce the strategic lines of the School through the following programmes:


• Programme for the promotion of extension projects and activities.

• Programme for improving the accessibility to university.

• Ethics for human development training programme.

• Programme for the training and introduction of the extension worker.

• Publishing and communication programme.

• Programme for integral secretary management.



Telephone: 4236769 /71/72 int 118, 173
Office: 5th Floor / 508-510
School of Economic Sciences | Universidad Nacional de La Plata


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