Our mission is to make contributions towards a balanced development of the territorial and productive structure at both national and subnational levels.


Main objectives

  • To generate, collect, systematise and publish basic and synthetic statistical information about productive sectors and business demography with national, provincial and local disaggregation.
  • To generate and publish economic indicators at the national, provincial or local levels.
  • To provide services to all types of public and private entities and non-profit organisations, for decision making, especially for small and medium-size businesses.
  • To collaborate in the formulation of productive and strategic plans at the different levels of government.
  • To contribute to the training of human resources specialised in territory and sector development, and support production of theses and academic papers.
  • To organise and participate in scientific meetings.
  • To publish studies and research papers on the methodology for the measurement of territories and productive sectors.
  • To analyse and consist methodologies and procedures for economic projections at the national, provincial and local levels.
  • To establish institutional relations with all types of national or foreign organisations in order to fulfil its main objectives.



E-mail: agustin.lodola@econo.unlp.edu.ar
Telephone: 4236769 /71/72 int 180
Office: 3rd Floor | 311.
School of Economic Sciences | Universidad Nacional de La Plata



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