1.1 To design and promote a university welfare policy by considering and understanding the needs and peculiarities of the different parties involved -students, professors and non-academic staff- in order to:

  • Achieve greater equality of opportunities,
  • Broaden the support provided to students, teachers and non-academic staff, and enhance their development,
  • Consolidate institutional identity and sense of belonging.

1.2 To generate favourable conditions for students, professors and non-academic staff to integrate to university life, providing support and enhancing their development conditions by means of active policies related to economic, social and psychological support.

1.3 To promote and develop strategies for occupational safety and health prevention and promotion, in order to contribute to the adoption and the maintenance of safe and healthy behaviour by the university community members, considering their needs and concerns.

1.4 To generate cultural, artistic and sport spaces and proposals which enhance and strengthen not only the personal development, but also the relationships and integration among university staff members, by designing, promoting and implementing different cultural and sport activities and practices.

1.5 To promote, design and develop activities which aim at increasing the tourism and recreational habits of students, professors and non-academic staff of the School of Economic Sciences of Universidad Nacional de La Plata, in order to stimulate their socialization processes, training, cultural enrichment and integration beyond their labour, professional and social obligations.



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